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July 2, 2006

A quick action item

Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch . . .

We’re taking a little break from action items during the long holiday, but there is one we wanted to squeeze in. The radio show “Free Talk Live” is one of Downsize DC’s closest allies. They promote us and we promote them. The more listeners they have, the more people hear about Downsize DC. One of the ways they gain listeners is through a monthly Internet popularity poll. You can help them rank high in this poll. We’ll let the “Free Talk Live” host Ian Bernard give you the latest results and tell you how to help . . .


Thanks to your help, last month we finished 4th on Podcast Alley’s Top Ten Podcasts. Now we need your vote again at If you’ve never voted before, you won’t be spammed, and it takes less than a minute!

The number one show at Podcast Alley had over 1200 votes. We had over 700. (I know this list alone has over 20,000 recepients!) If we double our votes in July we can finish the month at number one. As you know, that means more new listeners discovering the Downsize DC message!

Will you tell a few friends or associates about Free Talk Live this month?

By the way, Free Talk Live finished last month at 2nd place on Itunes’ “Political” category. Thanks to everyone who subscribes through Itunes! To place your vote for “Free Talk Live” click here.

Thank you for your help!
Ian Bernard
Host, “Free Talk Live”



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