One Subject at a Time Act

Don’t let Congressional leaders combine unrelated bills.

The One Subject at a Time Act (OSTA) has already been introduced in both the House and Senate.

Senator Rand Paul (KY) has been a stalwart, consistently reintroducing this bill and even finishing the last term making a case for it (pictured above). Check out S. 287 But the bill was modified for reintroduction into the 118th Congress because One Subject was one of the “conditions” in the “Speaker Battle of 2023.” HR 91 was introduced early, with a new and awkward name, and some additional language by Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ).

The One Subject at a Time Act will prohibit Congress from clustering unrelated proposals into a single bill.

Congressional leaders will no longer be able to pass unpopular proposals by combining them with sure-to-pass measures. Bills will become shorter and easier to read. And government growth will slow.

Many rank-and-file members of Congress want this reform. They’re tired of voting for legislation they hate because it’s combined with bills they fear to oppose.

The One Subject at a Time Act also has a powerful enforcement mechanism.

OSTA prevents courts from enforcing laws passed in violation of the one-subject requirement. Courts will not punish you for violating any enactment that violates OSTA.

Here’s how we’ll pass this reform

The 300

Three hundred constituents will visit your local congressional offices in constant waves of 3, 5, or 6 people. Similar groups of 300 will be at work in every congressional district. This should cause a majority of representatives to cosponsor this bill.

Option Activism

You “take an option” on something when you make a commitment that doesn’t have to be fulfilled until certain conditions are met. Option Activism means that you won’t have to do anything until doing something is sure to work. In this case…

  • No local meetings will be scheduled until all 300 people are committed.
  • You can go at a time convenient to you.
  • You won’t have to speak much unless you want to.
  • The bill will pass and the world will change when a majority in Congress co-sponsors it.

Set the agenda for Congress. Become an Agenda Setter. Join The 300 by filling out this form…