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Blinding Big Brother

Down with Big Brother! Help us end blanket NSA spying on all Americans Retweet At issue: Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals review of Jewel v. NSA! Our so-called government spies…

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Beta test our new system, Phase 1

We need your help once again! Today we want to test our new system. Please recall that we are in the process of… Launching a new strategy and brand –…

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Would YOU vote to *terminate* the Income Tax tomorrow?

We’re Saying Goodbye to OLD Downsize DC In that message, I promised to introduce a “FAR OUT” new strategy. Today, I deliver. But it requires the context of a quick…

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Save this message; it’s historic

You’ve just opened an historic message. **You’re special, and we need your help. Most of our subscribers are not receiving this message today. You’re a member of our beta test…

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How to stop legislation by unelected bureaucrats

Disempower bureaucrats. Discover Downsize DC’s clever plan Retweet Action: Tell your reps to sponsor WTLA (the Write the Laws Act).  This is the third reform bill in our Downsize DC…

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Do you want to let dying people try experimental medicines?

Your letter to Congress could let dying people try experimental medicines Retweet When approved treatments have failed dying people, doctors need access to possibilities that the FDA has not approved yet….

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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! New Downsize DC Agenda bill coming soon!

If all the people who like our transpartisan bills would ACT, America would CHANGE, instantly! Retweet We’re about to unveil a new, “transpartisan” Downsize DC Agenda bill. It’s the first…

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Are you being shut-out and excluded?

Are you being shut-out from the new Downsizer-Dispatch? TIP: Everyone that OPENS this message will likely get it only ONCE. At Downsize DC, we’ve implemented new technology. Doing something the…

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