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The Libertarian enemies list

Just because Nixon had an enemies list doesn’t mean we can’t have one too ūüėČ Retweet Today’s primary action: Help us locate and activate some of the 30-60 million dormant…

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Are you immune to media mind control?

Are you a victim of Agenda Setting Theory and the Viguerie Rule? Retweet Richard Viguerie, the famous Republican direct-mail fundraiser, claimed he couldn’t raise money for an issue¬†unless it was…

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Are there really 30-60 million libertarians?

Evaluate the evidence. Then help us find and activate them.

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New Jim Babka PODCAST says libertarians suck!

How libertarians can win; Jim Babka explains in this podcast Retweet Wait, did Jim Babka really suggest that libertarians suck in his newest podcast? Well…¬† To be clear, he said…

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If unilateral free trade is too radical for you, try this

Ask President Trump to clarify his trade goals¬†Retweet Last week, we launched a campaign asking for unilateral free trade. We made some powerful arguments‚Ķ¬† So-called fair trade is a fraud…

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How you can legalize marijuana instantly

The immigration issue shows how we can legalize marijuana instantly. Retweet HR 1227 is the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act. It currently has 37 co-sponsors in the House – a…

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4 things politicians want before you can get what you want

NEWS FLASH: The One Subject at a Time Act now has 27 sponsors! Retweet Rep. Scott Tipton [R-CO-3] has become the 27th sponsor of HR 395, the One Subject at…

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Should the FDA have power over you?

Downsize DC wants to make the FDA advisory, not dictatorial. Retweet We’re bringing back a bunch of old Downsize DC campaigns, starting with Make the FDA Advisory, not mandatory. More…

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Do your friends know how U.S. politicians helped create the Soviet Union?

Americans should know: U.S. intervention in WW1 helped create the Soviet Union. Retweet U.S. politicians are very good at one thing: enemy creation. It has always been that way. The…

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Were the Germans in WW1 the same as the Germans in WW2?

The true history of WW1 refutes every argument made for foreign intervention Retweet We’re reviewing the history of U.S. wars in the run-up to Memorial Day. Our purpose is simple……

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