Coming Soon

Downsize DC is about to bring you a new website with these 17 fresh or improved features!

 1. Hurdle Congressional tech barriers    
2. “Cut & paste” no longer required
3. Target letters to each Rep or to all three         
4. Track bills
5. Make phone-calling CapHill more fun          
6. Pressure the President
7. Pressure the bureaucracy             
8. Pressure state reps
9. Target candidates                 
10. Do action items out of Facebook
11. Reinforce letters with Tweets            
12. Organize congressional office meetings
13. Register others to vote     
14. Your testimonials published
15. Bulletins of Downsizer interest     
16. One-stop information shopping
17. Official and candidate scorecard



We plan to return to business and begin using these tools soon. Please stay tuned. If you have any questions, here are some email addresses at which you can reach us…


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