August 31, 2009
Check Out Your Improved Website
By Jim Babka

CORRECTION: The Freddie Mac program we told you about on Friday turns out to be old and defunct, not new and current. We sincerely apologize for the error. Now, some good news . . .

Subject: Check out the New & Improved website

It's the work of many months, and something we wanted to get done BEFORE launching our media outreach campaign. Here's what you'll see and experience when you visit our new website . . .

* It should load a bit faster

* We make better use of the space on the home page, providing useful things for both new and repeat visitors, such as...

* An introduction and subscription pitch ("What we can do for you") for first time visitors. This is something many of you had requested, to make it easy for the people you refer to the site to get an overview of the organization.

* Our most important campaigns, the "Read the Bills Act" and the "One Subject at a Time Act," are prominently featured at the top of the left hand column. This will serve as another good entry point for first time visitors.

* The middle column is our blog, of which we'll be making greater use. There are many more things happening than we can deal with in the Dispatch, so we hope you'll make our homepage blog part of your regular reading. The blog also has new navigation buttons at the top by which you can search for information using keywords, subject categories, or dates.

* We've also created a streamlined new Campaigns page, listing all of our campaigns with short, bumper-sticker descriptions.

Most importantly . . .

We've made it vastly more easy for you to send letters to Congress!

On our old site you had to scroll past all our introductory text to get to the form to send your letter to Congress. NOT ANY MORE! Now the intro text is in a left hand column, easily available to you if you want to cut and paste something from it, and the form for sending your letter is in the right hand column, right near the top of the page!

Please check it out, NOW . . .

* Go to the home page and see what it looks like now
* Then see what the new Campaigns page looks like by clicking on the Campaigns button in the green navigation ribbon under the Downsize DC logo
* Then choose one of the campaigns to see how much easier it will now be to send a letter to Congress

We hope you like what we've done. Next comes our media outreach campaign. Can you help us with that? We've exceeded in August what we did in July in terms of one-time donations (40 in Aug vs. 32 in Jul.). However, we're still behind in new monthly pledges -- 10 so far in August vs 20 in July. Monthly pledges are crucial to our continued growth, and our upcoming media outreach effort. To help your Downsize DC Army take this next step could you . . .

Starting a monthly credit card pledge -- it can be as low as $5 a month (which is just 17 cents per day). You can start your pledge using our secure online contribution form.

Please let us know if its okay to advertise your support here:

NEW MONTHLY PLEDGERS IN AUGUST: Gary J Leidy, David Bergland, Gary T Gorski, Don J Crites, 6 unlisted -- (10 total) FROM JULY: Barbara Greenhouse, Henry Wood, Donald B. Fox, Mickey Adams, Mary E Sullivan, Raul A., Michael Jones, Alan Farrar, Emma Flores, Michael S Gerlica, John C Matthews, Cheston E Unnewehr, Val Grayson, Arlene Aquino, Susan Varey, Chris Sengenberger, John DiLiberto, 3 unlisted -- 20 total.

Or, you could make a one-time donation. Please let us know on our secure contribution form if its okay to advertise your support here:

NEW ONE TIME DONORS IN AUGUST: Sharon Mears, John Matthews, Patricia Barnum, Brian Travis, Sarah Franke, Dirk Doebereiner, James Wahler, Meredith Weaver, Stephen Moffett, Matthew Whitlock, Dan Litwin, Russell Kominski, Veronica Arnold, Michael Bayback, Ann & Todd Secoy (in memory of Julia Bitner), James Marranca, Kay Samalin, David Hyatt, Douglas Steinschneider, Lily Riker, Nicholas C. Beason, Mr. Marlin, Edward J. Krieger, Lynnette Thompson, 16 unlisted -- (40 total) FROM JULY: Robert Lonaberger, Lucy Cole, Donald E Forward, Steven J Lavelle, Karen Glasgow, Brian Keith, Susan Thomas, Chelsea Moller, Michael Herman, Bonnie Hofer, Anita Binns, Brian O'Neill, Richard E Camp, Travis Walston, Donald Grahn, Sonja Thompson, 16 unlisted -- 32 total.

Thank you for being a part of the growing Downsize DC Army.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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