March 21, 2007
DIGG Urgently
By Jim Babka

DC Downsizers,

Something really exciting is happening, right now. This message is time sensitive . . .

Lots of new people are joining Downsize DC today because of an article about the Read the Bills Act that is number one on the DIGG rating site. Let's pour fuel on this fire!

I'm frequently asked: How are you going to compel Congress to sponsor and act on the Read the Bills Act? The answer: By showing up to work every day and continually adding new DC Downsizers we will build an army that can compel Congress to act through overwhelming, mind-numbing, intense pressure.
Slow and steady wins the race.

If you've already contacted Congress about the Read the Bills Act, then I'm NOT going to ask you to send a message to Congress today using our Congressional Contact System.

Are you surprised?

Instead, you can do something to get lots of people you've never met to join and take action. And best of all, it's FREE.

Your very PROMPT attention and follow-through in response to this message can result in dozens, scores, and perhaps hundreds of new people joining us over the next several hours . . .  

Sweat equity leads to serendipity.

I awoke this morning to find we'd been blessed with serendipity -- an unexpected surge in our statistics. We're having our biggest surge of registrations this month, and it started over the last several hours.

Back in January, I told you about a new opportunity to promote using You may already be aware of this site. Alexa ranks it in the top 100 internet sites.

Digg's concept is simple and brilliant. Users of the site "digg" news items, or in this case Political Opinion pieces, that they enjoy. The more "diggs" one gets, the more prominent their position on

RIGHT NOW, AN ARTICLE TITLED, "Using Digg to Pass the Read The Bills Act (RTBA) in 3 Easy Steps" IS THE TOP RANKED ITEM IN POLITICAL OPINION ON DIGG.COM. A Digg blogger named Rye Terrell wrote this wonderfully constructed and well-articulated column.

And that means, lots of folks are reading about us.

I've tried Digg myself. I'm convinced this is a good opportunity for us at, but only if we act promptly.

As I write this, the RTBA piece has over 900 diggs. By the time you'll read this, it will be well over 1,000. It's moving fast. I'm one of those Diggs. But they'll need over 2,000 diggs today alone to keep it on the front page of POLITICAL OPINION. Can you help keep this article top-ranked?  

Also, as of right now, we're on page 2 of in all stories (Newly Popular). We'll need to pick up the pace, significantly, to get back to page one. But I think we can do it, if you'll help.

The only trick is that if you want to help, you WILL have to sign up for a free Digg account to participate.  

Now, your registration at may provide some long-term benefit to as well. We're planning on using the resources of several sites, including, to vault to a whole new level of prominence. Details are coming very soon. Suffice it to say, we will be doing things in the future that will allow you to use your new Digg registration again and again.

We have a few simple instructions for first time users, here. If you're already a "digger," skip to Step 3. But either way, please act RIGHT NOW.

1. If you're not already registered for Digg, you can get an account here:  Then, once you're "confirmed" . . .

2. If you need to re-login to your Digg account, you can do so here:

3. Once you're logged-in go to:

4. Click the "Digg It" button on the right side of the page.

5. Please, please, take an extra minute and post a friendly, constructive, supportive comment. This shows Digg that you've read the piece. Digg is sensitive to people participating in organized campaigns where they haven't actually read the article. This article is brief and well-organized -- a quick read. And there is debate there, so your help is needed.

That's all there is to it.

But for those of you with blogs, particularly that use Digg, please send your people to this article.

And for those of you with friends, in particular friends that you know have Digg accounts, please forward this Dispatch message to them.

Blog It and Email It features are available to you after you Digg It.

No snowflake believes itself responsible for the avalanche.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE. Chances are, this opportunity will be gone by tomorrow, so please act right now!

Thanks for being a DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

P.S. This can make a difference. These are the kinds of opportunities we build towards.

* Slow and steady wins the race.
* Sweat equity leads to serendipity.
* No snowflake believes itself responsible for the avalanche.

Today, be the snowflake. Do something simple. Digg'ing this article is simple. It might result in an avalanche.

Please, right now, follow the instructions above and become part of the "Diggnation."

And tomorrow, either way, we'll show back up again to do something more.
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