Federal statute 924(c) should trigger your Agenda Setter anti-manipulation defenses

Politicians and the media create crises and manufacture conflict so as to attract an audience and justify increased state power. You should exit this Conflict Machine.

As a practical matter, this means you should mostly ignore news reports. You should discount the claims made by Democrats and Republicans. Both things will always be slanted against you and in favor of their power structure. Instead…

You should set your own agenda. Focus on the issues that matter to you. We created Agenda Setters to facilitate this process. Here’s why it’s important…

Politicians manipulate public fear to pass things like Federal statute 924(c)

Federal statute 924(c) imposes a mandatory minimum sentence on anyone who uses a firearm during a crime, even if the gun wasn’t fired. This leads to long prison sentences because…

  • The mandatory federal sentence is longer than state-level sentences for the same crime
  • There is no federal parole

Reason magazine recently reported on a specific example. Charles Scott committed three robberies when he was 22. He has been in prison for 22 years for these crimes and still has another 23 years to go. Indiana judges imposed six of those years. The remaining 39 years were imposed by federal statute 924(c).

There are people serving sentences under 924(c) that are centuries-long!

The politicians want you to think these 924(c) sentences protect you from predators. The media props up this law by promoting scare stories about guns.

That’s their agenda, what’s yours?

Please help us combat the thinking and practices of 924(c). You can help…

Restore Federal Parole

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Jim Babka, President
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Today’s Action: Combat unnecessarily long sentences by restoring federal parole.