June 17, 2009
Help Celebrate Harry Browne's Birthday
By Jim Babka

A Message from Pamela Browne...

Today, June 17th, is a bittersweet day for me. My late husband, Harry Browne, was born on this day. To commemorate his birth each year of our marriage, I spent a great deal of time and effort planning a day full of special surprises. Consequently, it was always a happy day.

Harry has been gone for more than three years now. I miss him more than words can express.

I know many reading this Downsizer-Dispatch miss him too.

In these troubling times, we all miss Harry's voice.

* Harry understood Austrian economic theory and the business cycle.

* He also specialized in understanding the damage that Big Government does to our economy -- especially when the politicians try to "fix" it.

We wish we could directly access his wisdom right now, whether it was in his clear, persuasive columns, or his warm, convincing monologues on air.

I am pleased that there are voices that continue to carry forth Harry's message, reminding people of the peace of mind that his Permanent Portfolio approach afforded.

There are also voices who continue to proclaim his dictum that "Government Doesn't Work." The brightest and most effective of those voices is

Harry was proud to be a co-founder of Downsize DC, and was pleased to be involved in its projects before his death. He greatly respected the talent, creativity, and dedication of two of the other co-founders who today run Downsize DC, Jim Babka and Perry Willis.

Harry believed, as you can hear in this audio clip of his radio show recorded just five months before his passing that the Read the Bills Act is one of the most important, innovative, and practical tools created to slow down, and even reduce the size of government. He gave it his "ringing endorsement" -- high praise coming from Harry Browne.

Like you, I am a DC Downsizer and a supporter. Like Harry, I too am impressed by the Downsize DC Team.

The Read the Bills Act is both practical and important. So too are the proposals that has launched that Harry didn't get to see...

* The One Subject at a Time Act
* The Write the Laws Act
* The Enumerated Powers Act
* The Honest Money bills

This "Downsize DC Agenda" is a set of sensible tools Harry would've loved. No group that I'm aware of has presented so many practical levers (with a populist tone no less) that could really shrink the size, scope, expense, and power of the federal government.

But the greatest insight of Downsize DC is that we need an army so big that Congress, and even the media, will not be able to afford to ignore us -- that our force must be so large that we can get the message of small, Constitutionally-limited government out to everyone, everywhere, every day so that it becomes familiar and desirable.

Harry was persuaded, as am I, that a huge army is the key to success.

When you're in the midst of a devaluation, it's important not only to know how you can profit from it, as Harry Browne taught, but it's also vital to have a program of public education and self-defense against Big Government. is an incredibly practical strategy put into action. Jim and Perry have explained their plan in, "The Downsize DC Vision." Every new one-time donor or new monthly pledger is mailed a copy of this brief, ground-breaking report. When you're done reading it, you'll see a clear path to how we can actually Downsize DC. 

I want to ask you to contribute to build the Downsize DC Army. Thanks to monthly pledgers and larger donors, the Downsize DC budget for 2009 is basically covered. That means nearly everything you give can be spent on outreach to expand the army.

Yet in tough economic times pledges tend to shrink. New donations trend downwards, sharply.

But do you recall a time when government was growing faster than it is now?

Downsize DC needs to expand -- to give us a voice, to fight the growth of Big Government -- and it needs your help to build that growth.

So I would appreciate it, greatly, if you would start a monthly pledge or make a generous contribution to


But Harry was always quick to point out that we should ask for larger donations too. Even now that the economy is down there are people who can help grow the army faster. And they can give with the confidence that it be put to effective use.

Will you contribute, in Harry Browne's memory, $5,000, $2,000, $1,000, or $500?

Will you give today, Harry Browne's birthday, a monthly, credit card pledge of $100, $76, $50, $35, or $20 per month?

Jim's team will assume that all contributions that arrive before midnight Friday, June 19th, are for this purpose, and they will share the news of your gift, by name and amount, with me.

In addition, you'll find a comments box on the secure donation page. If you wish to leave a note for me, they will pass that on to me as well.

In the past, many of you have sent wonderful letters to me about Harry. I greatly appreciated it. These personal communications touched me deeply. It was inspiring and comforting to learn how Harry touched so many lives.

Yet I am convinced that Harry's memory is carried on in the work of It would hearten me even more to hear of your support.

Thank you for joining me in building the Downsize DC Army,

Pamela Wolfe Browne

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