May 11, 2007
Help Wanted
By Jim Babka
In today's message, we're issuing a call for . . .

* A Postmaster
* Snowflakes
* Callers

Let's take them one at a time.


We have a new, very part time, staff position. We're looking for an email postmaster.

Spam, feedback loops, and the various rules of hundreds of different email providers have changed the landscape of sending messages. It's grown much more complicated. The Downsizer-Dispatch is a very important part of our operation and a key to the success of our mission. It's so important that it now requires professional management.

So we're looking for someone with experience managing a mail server and dealing with delivery issues.

This postmaster will handle normal day to day management issues and must be on available at a moment's notice to deal with emergencies. We're working with programming tools like PHP, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. The postmaster will report to our programmer, Robert O'Gwynn. Most weeks, there will only be a few hours worth of work to do.
Being a DC Downsizer is a big plus. References will be required. This is a paid position, but part of the compensation will be the knowledge that you're helping this cause. Please include your compensation requirements when you apply.

Is that person you? Please send an email (no attachments please) to HelpWanted at Downsize DC dot com. That's dot com, not dot org.


"No snowflake believes itself responsible for the avalanche." - C.P. Snow

When the last snowflake hits, the avalanche begins.

We're very close to rolling out another very important bill.

The One Subject at a Time Act (OSTA) will be the third major piece of our Downsize DC Agenda. Our agenda already includes the Read the Bills Act and the Write the Laws Act. All of these bills, taken together, are an attempt to change the rules by which Congress operates.

We call this approach The Referee Principle -- if you write the rules and referee the game, you cannot guarantee the outcome, but you'd probably feel comfortable betting on it.

Right now, the rules are written so that government will DEFINITELY grow next year. It WILL be bigger, more intrusive, more clunky, more damaging, more centralized, more expensive, and more, well, everything. That's DEFINITE.

With OSTA, gone will be the days when Congress can combine bad provisions with sure-to-pass bills -- like they did when they inserted the Real ID Act into an unrelated, sure-to-pass bill to support the troops in Iraq.

We're excited about this new Downsize DC bill. Two Democratic members of Congress have told us that a single subject bill is what they need -- even more than a reading requirement.

Maybe they didn't think we'd deliver?

So OSTA is an avalanche waiting to happen. But it's waiting for that final snowflake.

When we reach $7,500 per month in pledges, we'll be able to release OSTA. Right now, well over 400 people make credit card pledges to keep growing. They range from $3 to $250 every single month. The average pledge amount is $16.

If you're one of the snowflakes -- one of those pledgers -- when we release this bill, you'll be listed as one of the Legislative Sponsors on the web page where we'll feature OSTA (unless of course you prefer we didn't list your name). Sponsors will be listed in order of the size of their support.

Right now, we're looking for approximately 60 new pledgers -- or should I say, 60 more snowflakes. With 60 or so new monthly pledgers, contributing at least $3 per month, OSTA would "avalanche" on to the scene.

When will the avalanche begin? That's up to you, snowflake.


I'm on the radio again today for my regular Friday appearance with Jerry Hughes.

And then I'll be on the air Sunday for my own show. My guest will be Bruce Shortt, author of, "The Harsh Truth About Public Schools." I'll have more information about that show in Sunday morning's Downsizer-Dispatch.

We want you to participate in these shows. I want to hear from you. Let's start with Jerry's show today. If just four people would commit to call the show today, you'd keep Jerry hopping. And you'd create buzz that Downsize DC guests are good guests to have. 

And surely you have a question about Downsize DC . . . or a challenge for me. 

The toll-free call-in number is: 1-866-222-2368
The email is: Jerry at AccentRadio dot com

Time: 3:00 PM Eastern, 2:00 PM Central, 1:00 PM Mountain, Noon Pacific

Length: 1 hour
Host: Jerry Hughes
Show: Straight Talk w/ Jerry Hughes
Click Winamp or Windows Media Player, as appropriate.

You can listen to the show in more than 20 markets. A complete list of "affiliates" is available here.

Happy listening.

Jim Babka
Downsize DC Foundation
&, Inc.
Downsize DC Conference Call
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