January 25, 2006
Let's Experiment
By Perry Willis
Today's Downsizer-Dispatch . . . A host of organizations are conducting a Call-In Day to oppose the Patriot Act. We're going to participate, but with a twist. We want to learn how easy, or difficult, it is to overwhelm Congressional phone lines. With so many groups behind this effort, its possible this could happen. So . . . Please call your Representative and your two Senators right now and ask them to oppose the Patriot Act extension. We'll give you two ways to find the phone numbers below. Keep trying until you get through. Then, please go to the Downsize DC blog and leave a comment to the posting titled "Patriot Act Call-In Day." Let us know that you made the calls. We want to track participation. Plus, make a special note of whether or not you got a busy signal at any point. This information will be especially useful as we prepare our tactics for the "Read the Bills Act." Let's overwhelm Congress's phone lines! What number should you call? The easiest way to get the names and numbers for your Rep. and Senators is to send a message using our lobbying system. We provide the information to you as soon as your message is transmitted. Choose one of the following campaigns by clicking on the links . . .
  • Send a message to oppose regulation of organizations like if you have not already done so. Or, . . .
  • Send another electronic message opposing the Patriot Act extension (this way you hit them on this issue using two weapons on the same day). Let's try it. Let's find out what happens. Can we overwhelm Congress's phone lines? Go forth and conquer! Perry Willis Communications Director, Inc.
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