March 7, 2006
Media Alerts
By Perry Willis
Today's Downsizer-Dispatch . . .

We are growing so fast, and so many things are happening, that we're starting to have a log jam of things to report in these email messages. Media interviews are piling up, there are new RTBA Coalition members to report, and there is more and more legislation in Congress that requires immediate action. The result . . .

You may receive two emails from us today. The second one, if we can get to it, will be an urgent action item about new legislation designed, once again, to protect incumbents from serious competition. When you get this message, today or tomorrow, please pay attention to it, and forward it to everyone you know who cares about free and open elections. Meanwhile, there are three items to report in this message . . .

We are preparing a list of all those who made donations in memory of Harry Browne. If you would like to join the list you can do so here.

News of Harry's passing was mentioned Sunday on ABC's "This Week." The AP and UPI also carried the story. There were stories in "The Washington Post" and "The Washington Times." Some local TV stations carried the story, and there were numerous mentions all over the Internet. You can find a compilation of some of the mentions here.

We are also scheduling me for more-and-more interviews. Three of them are listed below and you can listen to all of them on the Internet. But we are running low on media contacts. Please help us expand our media list by researching shows in your area. Instructions and a form you can use for providing your local media contacts can be found here.

Here are the currently scheduled interviews you can listen to on the Internet:

Date: Tuesday, March 6, 2006

On 3 Stations: WTAN 1340AM & 1350AM Tampa Bay Florida, WZHR 1400AM Tampa Bay, Florida

Time: 9:15 PM Eastern 8:15 PM Central 7:15 PM Mountain 6:15 PM Pacific

Guest: Jim Babka, President, Host: Paul Molloy, Eileen Heishman, Mike Gilson Show: Freedom Works Topic: Harry Browne

Internet: Click on red button that says, "Listen Now"

Date: Wednesday, March 8, 2006

On 15 Stations: KXCL 1140 AM Liberty, MO, KLIO 1340 AM Poplar Bluff, MO, KNAK 540 AM Delta, UT, KOHI 1600 AM St. Helens, OR, WARL 1320 AM Providence, RI, WASG 550 AM Pensacola, FL, WHBS 1400 AM Moultrie, GA, WIJD 1270 AM Mobile, AL, WITA 1490 AM Knoxville, TN, WKHB 620 AM Pittsburgh, PA, WLBE 790 AM Leesburg, FL, WSGF 1340 AMAugusta, GA, WTHV 810 AM Valdosta, GA, WWAB 1330 AM Lakeland, FL, WZNO 1230 AM Pensacola, FL

Time: 3:00 PM Eastern 2:00 PM Central 1:00 PM Mountain Noon Pacific

Guest: Jim Babka, President, Length: 1 hour Host: Jerry Hughes Show: The Jerry Hughes Show Topic: Harry Browne,, and the "Read the Bills ACT" (RTBA) Internet: Click on the CIL|On Demand button, right side of page. You'll need Winamp or Windows Media Player.

Date: Wednesday, March 8, 2006

On 3 Stations: KHNC 1360-AM Johnston, Colorado, KFNX 1100-AM Phoenix, Arizona, KCAA 1050-AM Loma Linda, California,

Time: 4:15 PM Eastern 3:15 PM Central 2:15 PM Mountain 1:15 PM Pacific

Guest: Jim Babka, President, w/ Michael Cloud of the Ctr for Small Gov Length: 30-40 minutes Host: Jesse Herron Show: The Bill of Rights Hour Topic: Harry Browne Tribute Internet:

Remember . . .

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer.

Jim Babka President, Inc.

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