July 17, 2012
NEW TACTIC: Dividing the world into two parts
By James Wilson

NEW TACTIC: Dividing the world into two parts
By Perry Willis
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Yesterday we told you that . . .

  • Rand Paul has introduced our "One Subject at a Time Act" in the Senate.
  • We now have "One Subject" introduced in both chambers of Congress, with 7 cosponsors in the House.
  • We'd preview a new tactic.

Our new tactic will find and recruit people who already agree with you.

We're conceiving software to implement this new tactic from within our websites. That way, you'll be able to track the results of your efforts. In the meantime . . .

We'll start using this new tactic without any special software. Here's the strategy that leads to the tactic . . .

To win, we must recruit millions of Americans who want what you want. To make this happen we'll divide the country into two parts . .

  • Part 1: Those who agree
  • Part 2: Those who disagree

We plan to deploy fresh websites and new software for each of these audiences.

For those who disagree . . .

We're already testing software designed to measure how minds change. You'll be able to see people moving in your direction bit by bit. And every action you take to persuade others will result in VISIBLE forward progress.

You'll never feel apathetic about taking action, because every action will cause measurable change in your direction. But even more important are . . .

Those who already agree with you . . .

We can start working with these people today, using the tools we already have.  The idea is so incredibly simple, that it may be easy to miss its awesome power.

I want to ask you to send the following email to EVERYONE you know . . .

I'd like your opinion about something . . .

Do you think Congress should be able to combine unrelated bills?

Should politicians be allowed to pass unpopular proposals by combining them with popular measures that are completely unrelated?

Or do you think every legislative proposal should have to stand or fall entirely on its own merits?

I'm putting this question to a number of people, and would appreciate hearing your answer. I'll let you know how other people answer if you want, after I hear from you.

Once you do this you'll get four kinds of reactions . . .

  • Some people won’t respond -- ask them again.
  • Some will be unsure or confused -- try to help them
  • Some will disagree -- if you have the time and desire try to persuade them
  • Some will AGREE -- focus on this group like a laser

Please send the following to every person who responds with AGREEMENT . . .

Thanks for responding to my question. You and I agree.

Can I persuade you to ask your elected representatives to co-sponsor the "One Subject at a Time Act?" You can do it online in under three minutes.

And once you do that you'll be able to re-use the system repeatedly in the future using even less time -- mere seconds. It's a powerful tool, and it's FREE.

The "One Subject at a Time Act" was created by It's been introduced in the Senate by Rand Paul, and by Tom Marino in the House. It already has several co-sponsors in the House.

This idea needs the support of those who agree with it. Here's how you can do that . . .

Go here:
Send the letter to Congress

It’s that simple. 

Oh yeah, you’ll receive an email from Downsize DC asking you to confirm that you're a real person. This is necessary to allow your message to go through to Congress.

Doing this will also subscribe you to the Downsizer Dispatch email newsletter. Trying the newsletter is the price for using the system. We're working to build a movement, and this is how we do it.

But if you don’t like it, unsubscribing is super easy.  

Please let me know if you decide to send the letter to Congress. Thanks!


Do you see how powerful this could be?

Just find the people who already agree. Then get them to take one simple action.

We'll be using this tactic on issue after issue, both for our Downsize DC proposals like "One Subject" and "Read the Bills," but also for our new DENY CONSENT strategy. We'll show you what that will mean very soon.

But in the meantime, please focus on this . . .

The key to success is recruitment.

Sending messages to Congress will no longer be our focus. 

Recruitment will be Job One, Two, and Three.

Because a mobilized army that agrees with you, is the key to getting what you want.

One final thing . . .

We'll be reporting back to you on the results of this effort. It would be great if you could also report to us about what you did. Send us an email at Feedback at DownsizeDC dot org telling us how many people you contacted. We encourage you to include some details. 

We'll eventually track all of this stuff with software. You'll be able to see what you did, plus what others did, plus the results. Every single action will cause measurable progress.

In the meantime, go find people who AGREE!

Perry Willis
Downsize DC

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