April 1, 2006
No fooling, there is hope
By Perry Willis

Today's Downsizer-Dispatch . . .

There has been some depressing news this month. We lost a great spokesman and friend in Harry Browne. Other freedom organizations went through, or are going through, some serious challenges. It would be easy to get down in the dumps.

But there's hope. It's Downsize DC. Yes, I know it's April Fool's Day, but this is no joke!

We at want to thank everyone who has helped us set records!

At the beginning of March, we had four goals.

1. Send more messages to Congress than in any previous month. The record is 41,031 from June, 2004. We've set a new all-time record of 43,044.

2. Set a record for recruiting new DC Downsizers. Last June we registered 2,824. In July we registered 1,318 new DC Downsizers. We had super-hot issues to work with in those months, and other organizations helping us, so it was a special situation. But in March, with nothing special going for us but hard work, we've posted our third best month with 1,152.

3. Set a new record for media interviews in a single month. The previous record was 9. I did 13 interviews in March.

4. Raise $14,000 in online contributions. Thanks to everyone, we've exceeded our goal.

But the hope doesn't stop there! We also have a record number of Downsizer-Dispatch subscribers... 21,613.

And the Downsize DC Foundation also has good news to report.

The Institute for Humane Studies has just signed an agreement with me to feature my 2003 piece, "How the FDA Helped Kill My Dad" for a brand new site they're launching this Spring. Their new site,, is designed to, "challenge students to work through arguments against the personal freedoms they feel strongly about, to identify the underlying principles that support their intuitive claims to rights and freedoms, and to apply those principles to new arenas."

And that's just the start of the good news for the Foundation. Our team has an additional secret goal for that project that we hope to be able to share with you by month's end.

But we can't stop. Government is growing every day. The situation is getting worse. Yes, there's hope. Yes, we're growing. Yes, I'm excited about our progress at

And that's why we have FIVE new goals for this month! You can probably guess what they are.

1. Send more than 43,044 messages to Congress. 2. Register more than 2,824 new DC Downsizers. 3. Do at least 14 media interviews. 4. Raise another $14,000 in online contributions. 5. Rollout our new system to organize the MeetUp groups for our Congressional Invasion and the "No Legislation Wthout Representation Conference."

And you can help us get a jumpstart on objective #4 right now - help us keep making this progress.

We're able to recruit, educate, and take action, in one seamless step. We keep our eye on Congress. We create our own legislation. We keep you alerted. We produce and broadcast radio ads, and our own radio show. We do a lot with a little. And $14,000 in April will be enough to keep us not only going, but growing. To contribute toward this goal, or start a monthly credit card pledge, click here.

Downsize DC is a Hope-Machine. Thanks for helping us build it!

Jim Babka President Downsize DC Foundation &, Inc.

P.S. Listen to our radio show tomorrow, THE DOWNSIZE DC CONFERENCE CALL

I'll be discussing the immigration controversy, along with other topics. You can listen to the show at

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