Rand Paul does the impossible, introducing the only legislative idea that can reduce one huge area of government all at once!

Reducing the amount of spending the federal government does is simple. Write a bill that says “cut this” or “cut that.”

It’s much harder to devise ideas that cut or limit government systemically.

It’s even harder to do so in a way that can actually be enforced.

The Constitution is a good example of the difficulty. That document has failed to limit government spending and overreach. The Constitution also lacks an enforcement mechanism.

We, however, have been able to overcome that defect not once, but twice. The Read the Bills Act and the One Subject at a Time Act both limit government expansion systemically. They also have enforcement mechanisms.

Better yet, both of them have now been reintroduced in the Senate by Rand Paul.

However, these bills still leave one huge area of government completely untouched…


You could easily come up with bills that would cut or limit this regulation or that regulation. You could even create bills that would cut or limit whole areas of regulation or entire regulatory agencies.

But surely it’s impossible to devise a bill that would limit or control all areas of regulation, across the board, right? Well, get ready, because…

Senator Rand Paul has done the seemingly impossible!

Rand Paul has hit the trifecta by reintroducing a third powerful bill we created – the WTLA (Write the Laws Act).

WTLA doesn’t just cut or limit one regulation, one area of regulation, or one regulatory agency. Instead, it limits all regulations and regulatory agencies in one enforceable swoop.

  • Every regulation that Executive Branch agencies want to impose must first be read, debated, and passed by Congress.
  • No regulation imposed in violation of this requirement can be enforced in court, which means that citizens can safely ignore Executive Branch attempts to enforce such regulations in their daily lives (yes, you read that right).

Plus, it starts the clock on a process to potentially repeal all old regulations.

  • All existing regulations must also be submitted to the same review process of reading, debating, and voting by Congress.

We feel quite confident in asserting that no one before us has devised three bills with so much power and scope. And no one before Rand Paul has had the wisdom, foresight, and courage to introduce such bills in the Senate.

What remains to be done is the work required to pass them.

We have a simple strategy for that too. We want to recruit large numbers of citizens to ask their reps to sponsor these bills. And once we have a majority of congressional members as co-sponsors we can force the bills to pass.

And then the world changes!

But having powerful bills wedded to a robust strategy is not enough to ensure success. We also have to overcome human inertia. That has been our hardest struggle. It’s a simple fact…

Most people prefer to complain and do nothing, rather than take simple actions that could actually work. This is a quirk of human nature that we must overcome in order to succeed. And now we’re working on a plan to do that too.

This newsletter has nearly 8,000 subscribers, with 4,500 active readers. That’s not enough to win a majority of co-sponsors for our bills. So we need to do something to dramatically expand our list of volunteers and donors, or else the incredible opportunity presented by our bills and our strategy will be lost.

We need an infusion of $25,000 during the next two months, and we need to boost our monthly income by at least $2,000, going forward, to realize this potential.

Frankly, in today’s world, that’s not a lot of money.

Are you a person who could…

  • Cover the whole amount or make a contribution between $6,000 and $12,000?
  • Cover part of the need by donating $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50, or any smaller amount you can afford?
  • Provide basic support going forward by starting or increasing an existing monthly pledge?

Success is possible, and it will only take a little bit of money to spark rapid growth.

It’s not impossible if you help.

Donate for Success

Jim Babka, President
Agenda Setters by Downsize DC

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