Burrowing Shoco Owl

Render your judgment; decide what happens to this politician

Burrowing Shoco Owl

CNS News asked Representative Seth Moulton, Democrat of Massachusetts, if he had read the 2,465-page “Build Back Better Act.” He responded “That’s why we have teams to read and digest the bills. No one here ever reads an entire bill.”

This begs the question, did anyone elect those “teams” to represent them? (Also, does anyone really believe that any teams read any of these bills in their entirety?) The answer is clearly no.

Render your judgment

What should happen to Seth Moulton for failing to do his job?

Most people will say that he should be replaced come next Election Day. But doing that will require a majority of the voters in that district to agree on a replacement. Sheesh! That’s tiring to think about, let alone accomplish. That’s why…

Agenda Setters wants to nudge your judgment

We believe we have a better, simpler path.

Your congressional district has about 700,000 people in it. If just 300 people visited Seth, you could persuade him to change his tune and sponsor the Read the Bills Act.

Even if he was reluctant, if that was happening in each Congressional district, many members would respond to the call.

Would Seth be committing to read 2,000-page bills? Of course not. The Read the Bills Act changes the incentives. Bills would become very short so that politicians like Seth could endure reading them.

Please help make this happen by becoming one of The 300 for your district.

Pass the Read the Bills Act

Or, if you’ve already done that then please…

Start a conversation with your friends

Tell them what Seth Moulton said. Ask them how they feel about it. If they think politicians should read the bills they inflict on us, then tell them about the Read the Bills Act.

Tell them also our plans to pass it – The 300 and Option Activism. If they like what they hear then do this, right away…

Get your phone or tablet. Open to our page for the Read the Bills Act. Help them to sign-up right then and there (write and tell us about it, too!).

This is how YOU set the agenda for Congress.

Extra credit: Contribute or start a monthly pledge.

Set your own agenda,

Jim Babka, President
Agenda Setters by Downsize DC

Today’s Action: Build support for the Read the Bills Act