February 19, 2012
The Axis of Error: Lieberman, McCain, and Graham
By James Wilson

Anyone with a high school education would be aware that in World War II the Allied nations, including the United States, fought against the "Axis" powers led by Germany, Japan, and Italy.

In 2002 then-President George W. Bush invoked the "Axis of Evil" phrase to portray Iraq, Iran, and North Korea as the primary enemies of the United States.

Today, in the U.S. Senate, we have another "Axis." It's comprised of legislators who invoke war as the primary and inevitable solution to any crisis (or mere disagreement) involving foreign nations. This Axis of Error consists of Senators Joe Lieberman, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham.

They are to foreign policy what the Departments of Education, Housing and Urban Development, and the FDA are to domestic policy.

The basic philosophy is, "If we only had more staff and more money at the federal level, we can get this right!"

This paradigm doesn't work in domestic policy, and it CAN'T work.

  • Education is a family and local community issue.
  • Urban development involves personal decisions to purchase real estate and local decisions about property-owner relations.
  • Foods and medications are issues of PERSONAL CHOICE, perhaps in consultation with doctors or other consultants, whom YOU should be free to choose.

Yet, the Federal State routinely imposes mandates on these issues. Then the various states, local communities, businesses, and individuals respond, either by... 

  • dumping money into compliance,
  • risking repercussions for non-compliance, or
  • wasting time fighting compliance.

Nothing works out according to the fed's stated intentions.

And THIS is when the Feds meddle in the affairs of our own nation, which in large part shares the same culture and values!

Why do Lieberman, McCain, and Graham believe that using American economic coercion and military might will "fix" things" abroad, when subsidies and the blunt force of law can't "fix" things" at home?

Like broken records or Ground Hog Day, they have repeatedly and predictably insisted on "more money, more troops!"

 Lindsey Graham joined McCain and Lieberman in the Senate in 2003. Since then, the trio has often issued "joint statements" that, to their eyes, appear "bipartisan" and "statesman-like" but to the rest of us say, "If only we had more weapons, and more money for war, we could get this right!" But can you trust their judgment?

They've resisted...

Even though these wars have ALREADY cost Americans $3.2-4.0 trillion, with more veteran health care costs and rebuilding in the future. Not to mention...

Apparently, Lieberman, McCain, and Graham see EVERY conflict as if it's World War II all over again. Any compromise or conciliation is "appeasement"...

  •  War is their solution to any international crisis.
  • Despite evidence to the contrary, they equate the promotion of democracy with the promotion of human rights.
  • Despite evidence to the contrary, they think democratic regimes in the Middle East will be pro-West.
  • Their black-and-white ideology assumes that rebels are more virtuous than the dictator they oppose.

In truth, majoritarian regimes in the Middle East may become theocratic and even more repressive...

Lieberman, McCain, and Graham may be respected by others in Congress for their convictions. But they are NOT statesmen. In foreign policy, they have formed an extremist, fanatical wing that sees war as the solution to every international crisis. In so doing, they've become an Axis of Error.

And if this is how they would treat foreign nations that don't conform to their demands, how do you think this Axis of Error would treat Americans who disagree with them?

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