April 13, 2010
The Spirit of Resistance: Do you have an "Animal House" attitude?
By James Wilson

More and more people want to repeal the recently passed healthcare bill. Rasmussen reports a 4-point rise in the last three weeks, bringing the number of Americans who want repeal to a whopping 58%.

We think we are witnessing a fundamental change in the way Americans interact with their government. In years gone by citizens were submissive. When the politicians spoke, we listened. When they told us to jump, we asked them how high. When they proclaimed an issue settled, we meekly accepted their dictate. But not any longer.

Americans are increasingly fighting against Statist proposals not only before they pass, but also after. The REAL ID scheme for a national identity card was an early example (and was the first to call for repeal). Now the healthcare bill is another example. But . . .

This change in the American people still has a long way to go. Please consider . . .

How many of the 58% who desire repeal will actually take the time to inform their elected representatives of this?

We expect that the number is still relatively small -- maybe a few hundred thousand out of the 174 million Americans reflected in the number 58%. But . . .

What do you think would happen if 174 million people actually told Congress to repeal the bill, directly, instead of through opinion polls?

We think repeal would happen in a matter of days, and that the President would sign it . . . because 174 million is an overwhelming number!

But frankly, we think the same result could be achieved with far less.

This, to us, is the biggest problem we face, NOT what the politicians do, but what we the people do NOT do. It seems indispensable to us that if citizens want Congress to do something, they must TELL Congress. In fact, it seems unforgivable to NOT do this, given how easy it is.

What we need is motivation . . . the proper spirit of resistance.

For some this motivation comes from anger, or from fear, but for us, increasingly, the motivation comes from hope. We have hope because we know that, if the people resist, the politicians will submit. And so . . .

Turning our back on both anger and fear, we choose an unlikely motivator to inspire the proper spirit of resistance -- the character Bluto, played by John Belushi in the movie "Animal House." Here's what Bluto had to say about a situation requiring the spirit of resistance after a seeming defeat . . .

"Over? Did you say 'over'? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?"

Yes, Bluto was a little confused about exactly who it was who attacked Pearl Harbor, but if it makes you laugh, while still inspiring you to resist, then Bluto has hit the sweet spot as far as we're concerned.

* Do you want Congress to repeal the healthcare bill?
* Have you told them this, or reminded them of it recently?  
* Do you know people who are part of the 58% of American who favor repeal?
* Have these people told their elected representatives to repeal the bill?
* If not, why not? It's easy. They can do it with a few keyboard strokes and mouse clicks.

They, and you, can do it here.

Our standard message to Congress on healthcare reads: "True healthcare reform requires less government involvement, not more."

To this you can simply add: "Please repeal the healthcare bill you recently passed. I do not want to pay for it or submit to it."

Send your instructions to Congress, and then ask the rest of the 58% to do the same.

Simple. Easy. Necessary. Don't quit just because the Germans bombed Pear Harbor. The might and the right are on your side. 174 million Americans agree. All we need now is the proper spirit of resistance.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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