March 2, 2007
Turn on the Radio
By Jim Babka
Radio, radio, and more radio . . .
A message from President Jim Babka

* Today: I'm on the Jerry Hughes Show
* On my Sunday show: A memorial to Harry Browne, one year later, with a special guest co-host.
* A message from radio host Ian Bernard

Let's get started . . .

JERRY HUGHES -- Today (Friday) 3 PM Eastern

I'm back on the radio for my regular Friday appearance with Jerry Hughes.

This show is a great opportunity to spread the DC Downsizer message.

Please support this show. Help us create "buzz!"

You can do so by listening, but especially by calling-in or sending an email.

The toll-free call-in number is: 1-866-222-2368
The email is: Jerry at AccentRadio dot com

Time: 3:00 PM Eastern, 2:00 PM Central, 1:00 PM Mountain, Noon Pacific

Length: 1 hour
Host: Jerry Hughes
Show: Straight Talk w/ Jerry Hughes
Click Winamp or Windows Media Player, as appropriate.

You can listen to the show in more than 20 markets. A complete list of "affiliates" is available here.


A year ago today, the Downsizer-Dispatch broke the news to the world that Harry Browne had died the day before. Harry Browne as the co-founder of the Downsize DC Foundation and, Inc. He was also our Director of Public Policy which opened doors for us and gave us moral and intellectual guidance. It was a big loss to us.

Starting in June, 2005, I hosted approximately 25 episodes of Harry's show, and signed-off the final episode on March 11, 2006.

After Harry's passing, I hosted five hours of tributes -- two episodes of "The Harry Browne Show" and one episode of my show, "The Downsize DC Conference Call."

Some might think that was enough. But a year without Harry makes me miss him more.

The episodes from last year where a crowded Who's-Who of friends and co-laborers. In August, friends gathered for a Memorial Service and also shared their eulogies and remembrances. But not everyone was ready or able to participate in those events.

Sunday's program is about YOU -- a chance for you to share your thoughts about Harry.

I will be joined by GUEST CO-HOST DAVID BERGLAND, former Libertarian Party Chair and 1984 Presidential nominee, to offer one more hour of memorial, one year later.

David Bergland was Harry's campaign chair in 1996 and David's wife Sharon Ayres was Harry's campaign manger that year. I was Harry's press secretary in 2000 and I wouldn't be writing this message to you today if it wasn't for Harry -- he changed my life. 

The ONE-HOUR program airs live at 4 PM Eastern (3 PM Central, 2 PM Mountain, and 1 PM Pacific).

I hope you'll participate in the show. Here's how to do so . . .

* Call the program 1(800)259-9231
* Email the show using "call at DownsizeDC dot org"

The show broadcasts on: KLID 1340-AM, Poplar Bluff, Missouri; WBCR 1470-AM Maryville, Tennessee; and WKLP 1390-AM Keyser, West Virginia. Sometimes, it's on Radio Free Austin.

But for most of us the best way to hear the show is via the web at the Genesis Communications Network website. 

AGGRESSIVE ACTION -- Each one, reach one.

As we told you yesterday, we've had two consecutive months where we registered more people and sent more messages than the same month last year. To keep that pattern going, we must be aggressive this month because we need to register 1,131 new DC Downsizers -- 36.5 people per day. Yesterday, we registered 30. That's close, but over the course of a full month, it means we miss the target by 201.

The long-term key to our success is to build an army of DC Downsizers that's so big, Congress cannot afford to ignore it. Our proprietary Congressional Contact System is "sticky" -- that is, once someone registers, they join you on this list and they become part of the DC Downsizer Army.

DO YOU WANT TO SEE US HAVE AN ARMY SO LARGE THAT WE CAN CONSISTENTLY WIN? Then I encourage you to join our March campaign of AGGRESSIVE ACTION -- call it, "Each one, reach one."

Yesterday, we shared a message with you that you could cut and paste and send to friends. It's available at our blog.

Or, if you prefer, tell some friends, in your own words, why you want them to join you.

The issue we want to use for outreach? Our _transpartisan_ "Read the Bills Act." 

FREE TALK LIVE -- A message from Ian Bernard

Free Talk Live supports Downsize DC. I was on the show again last Friday, while in New Hampshire. While in New Hampshire, seven people from all over the country told me that they first heard of Downsize DC on Free Talk Live. Please read this message and help Ian and Mark make their show even more popular (and make us more popular, by extension).

DC Downsizers,

The good news: Free Talk Live pulled in a record number of over 1,660 votes last month, thanks to your votes. As a result, we finished the month as the world's #2 podcast.

The bad news: We STILL couldn't beat the Harry Potter podcasts. Though we're closing the gap!

Yes, people talking about Harry Potter is still more popular than people talking about Liberty and Downsize DC. But not by much. If you voted last month, thank you. We're asking you to do it again now:

Podcast ranking is important because it opens doors. Top ranked shows have been featured in national publications like USA Today.

If you didn't vote, please consider taking a moment and voting. It's quick, easy, secure, and actually helps new people discover Downsize DC. Please vote now at

Thank you!

Ian Bernard
DC Downsizer and Host of Free Talk Live

Blog commenting is currently under construction. In the meantime, you can send an email if there's something you'd like to tell us.

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