June 27, 2007
By Perry Willis
Today's Downzier Dispatch . . . Please share with concerned friends . . . In this Dispatch . . . * Urgent new action needed on immigration bill * Urgent action needed on Republican presidential debate * Please help us Subject: Today is the day to make the Senate dance on the immigration bill The Senate voted yesterday to proceed with the immigration bill. Today they will vote on amendments to the bill. The most important of these is Baucus-Tester #1236, which would strip out the REAL ID oriented electronic background checks this bill would require for you to hold a job. THIS AMENDMENT MUST PASS. THE VOTE WILL BE HELD TONIGHT! SO WE MUST ACT TODAY! * We must do everything we can to make sure this immigration bill fails. * We must do everything thing we can to make sure Baucus-Tester #1236 passes EVERYONE must send a message today asking for both of these things, and then, when you see your Senators' phone numbers on your computer screen, call both Senators and say . . .
"I'm urging the Senator to vote against the immigration bill, and for amendment #1236, Baucus-Tester. I am absolutely opposed to electronic background checks as a requirement for employment. The Senator's votes on this issue will affect how I vote in the next election."
You can send your message and make your phone calls here. Then, when you've done this, contact several of your friends and ask them to do the same thing. THE VOTE ON AMENDMENT #1236 WILL BE HELD TONIGHT, SO ACT NOW! We're at the end of the month -- doing our monthly drive to make budget -- so we absolutely have to include the fundraising information at the bottom of this message. If you don't want to forward this message to friends as it is, because of the fundraising stuff, then cut and paste the parts of the message you want to use. BUT PLEASE GET OTHER PEOPLE INVOLVED! WE NEED ALL HANDS ON DECK! This immigration bill is bad. It will cost billions of dollars, and achieve nothing. It will do nothing to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, neither will it satisfy those who believe we need more legal immigration to boost our economy with low skilled labor. This bill is almost perfectly designed to make all sides of this debate unhappy, and to squander massive amounts of money to no purpose. It must be defeated. And if it cannot be defeated, the Baucus-Tester Amendment #1236 must pass. As we wrote in our message "A Mexican Reads the Bill," no migrant worker from Mexico is going to comply with this immigration law. It's just too complicated. They're going to say, "I don't need no stinkin' z-visa," and cross the border anyway. Likewise, businesses that depend on immigrant labor are going to continue to operate in the black market, for reasons of survival, but now they will face huge new dangers from the federal government. But . . . Those businesses that try to comply with this law are going to face massive competitive disadvantages. Most important of all . . . American workers are going to be ensnared in cumbersome and expensive electronic background checks BEFORE THEY CAN GET A JOB! It is absolutely certain that the federal government will mismanage this process in the same way they've mismanaged the terrorist watch lists for airline travel. Imagine getting stuck in some bureaucratic nightmare where you can't get approved for employment, even though you are completely innocent, and you can't get the government to fix the problem. We guarantee you this is going to happen if this bill passes, and amendment #1236 does not. The main impact of this bill will not be on migrant workers, but on those American workers and businesses that try to comply with the law, and you are going to have to pay for this nightmare with your tax dollars. So please, write and call your Senators . . . * Tell them to vote against the immigration bill * Tell them to pass the Baucus-Tester amendment #1236 * Tell them their stance on this issue will affect how you vote Then, get your friends to do the same thing. WE NEED ALL HANDS ON DECK NOW! You can write and call your Senators here. Next, time is running out to get Congressman Ron Paul included in the upcoming Republican Presidential Debate in Iowa. Congressman Paul has much more national support than many of the candidates who have been included in this debate. He is being excluded ONLY because of his stance on the war. Our educational mission would benefit from Congressman Paul being heard. Fairness demands that he be included. Please keep up the pressure on the debate sponsors to include Congressman Paul. There are only three days left to get this done. You can send your debate message here. Finally, we simply must make budget this month. A generous anonymous donor has pledged $1,600 for this purpose. But in order to get that $1,600 we must raise another $1,600 from other donors. If you can contribute today your contribution will be WORTH TWICE AS MUCH. Plus . . . We'll mail a "9/11: Press for Truth" DVD to your home. Here's how . . . If you're an existing monthly credit card pledger in good standing as of June 15, 2007, all you have to do is increase your monthly pledge by at least $1, and we'll send one to you. If you're NOT an EXISTING monthly credit card pledger then you can start a monthly credit card pledge of at least $6, or make a one-time credit card donation of $35 or more, and we'll send you the DVD. (Sorry, for technical reasons we cannot make this offer for PayPal pledges or donations). Please help us make budget. You can make your contribution here. We know we've loaded you down with action items today, but effort is required if we're to retain our precious liberties, for ourselves and our children. Thank you for being a DC Downsizer. Perry Willis Communications Director, Inc.
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