December 15, 2011
What will happen if your candidate wins?
By James Wilson

I'm pleased to announce that BOTH our organizations -- the Downsize DC Foundation and, Inc. -- will achieve their 2011 budget goals. Thank you to everyone who invested in us this past year. Now, as for the future . . .

If you're focused on Presidential politics right now it's important to ponder what will happen if your preferred candidate wins. He'll need support in Congress won't he? That's why . . . 

In the next Downsizer-Dispatch, we'll launch a new campaign in support of a fresh style of governing.

A Leviathan State agency will go on the chopping block. Its end has been called for by a top-tier candidate.

  • We'll tell you who that candidate is,
  • And explain why it's a good idea to eliminate the specific agency that he and we have targeted

Then, we'll give you access to the Congressional mind. Using our proprietary Educate the Powerful System, you'll be able to withdraw your consent. You'll . . .

  • make Congress aware that there's a growing movement to end this agency
  • and make Congress nervous about their continuing bad behavior

And we plan to have more "offensive" campaigns in the coming weeks, and on into 2012. 

You see, fighting to protect the Net, the Bill of Rights, and to prevent fiscal and monetary insanity, is defensive in nature. If you're a sports fan then you understand that it's a whole lot easier to score points when you've got the ball.

In politics, the agenda setter has the ball. So we need to start setting the agenda, and put The Statists on the defensive.

This will help pave the way should your favored candidates or candidates win. You'll be building the support they need to stay true and to be effective -- which brings us to an opportunity . . . 

Meet DC Downsizer, Bill Haynes. He's the owner of CMI Gold & Silver.

I'm a client, and I recommend his company's services, particularly as we watch the world situation. I've purchased silver the last two years from CMI Gold & Silver. I wish I could afford to buy more.

Mr. Haynes is one of Downsize DC's top donors. And for the final quarter of this year, he issued a challenge . . .

For every new dollar in monthly credit-card pledges, Bill Haynes has agreed to match it with two more. Start a pledge for $5 per month, and Bill will make a ten dollar donation to Downsize DC. If you use our secure form to make a credit-card pledge of $25, then Bill will give us fifty bucks.  

Bill has pledged $5,000 to this effort, meaning our goal is $2,500 in new pledges per month.

Meeting this challenge would place Downsize DC on a stronger footing for 2012. We would be able to do more and better things. But . . .

This challenge has been in effect since October 1. We've raised $939.33 in new monthly credit card pledges so far, but that's $1,560.67 shy of the available opportunity. 


Will Downsize DC provide the ground support necessary for the next group of officeholders to do more of the right thing? Will we ever move to the offensive side of the ball? That's up to you:

The average NEW pledge is slightly over $12. Recurring pledges are closer to $15 on average. Obviously, the higher the pledge, the fewer new pledgers we need to make the goal.

But at $15 per month, we need 104 new pledgers -- in the next 16 days! With your help, can we do it? 

In addition, January is coming and, as of now, the budget we need for incoming contributions will be $10,400 for that month. This is a good time to get a head start. Every new pledge and every new contribution chips away at that total.

As I pointed out at the top of this message, Downsize DC is two organizations. Most days,, Inc. occupies this page, keeping you up-to-date about Congress, and giving you access to our Educate the Powerful System.

But we also have an educational side, the Downsize DC Foundation. And unlike, contributions to the Downsize DC Foundation are tax-deductible.

So if you'd prefer to start your new pledge with the Foundation, Mr. Haynes will honor that. Or, if you'd like to make a generous one-time investment, and get that itemized tax-deduction, you can do so using the Downsize DC Foundation secure web form.

Let's have a big impact in 2012!

Thank you for your support,

Jim Babka, President
Downsize DC Foundation
&, Inc.

P.S. Want to mail a check? The address can be found on either contribution form. Also, accepts PayPal, and the Downsize DC Foundation accepts appreciated securities. Learn more at either of these pages . . ., Inc. (Educate the Powerful)


Downsize DC Foundation (tax-deductible, education)

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