March 31, 2011
Why the Libyan War is a Strategic Disaster
By James Wilson

Quote of the Day: "Most American interventions come from two closely related childish fantasies: first, that one side in a tribal war is all good and the other all bad; and second, that the weaker tribe are the 'underdogs' and therefore the good guys. Just look at those two ideas and you'll see that they're a series of disasters waiting to happen." - Gary Brecher

We've each sent a letter to Congress demanding that they stop Obama's Libyan war.

If you agree with this position you can copy or borrow from our personal comments . . .

The President's Monday speech was (poorly) used to justify his unconstitutional, undeclared war on Libya.

I'm disappointed -- even angry.

He made assertions, with zero evidence, that Qaddafi was hell-bent on slaughtering his own people. The truth may well be the opposite . . . 

* Qaddafi's threatening words appear to have been directed at rebel insurgents, not the people.
* We have no idea whether the insurgents would be any better than Qaddafi -- they might be as bad, or worse.
* Just days before Obama launched air strikes, Qaddafi had offered amnesty to insurgents if they laid down their arms.

Still, the President rushed in and chose sides.

I'm in no way defending or excusing Qaddafi. But going to war with him is a tremendous strategic blunder. As Paul R. Pillar notes at The National Interest Blog . . .

* The longer the war drags on, the greater the likelihood that anger toward American intervention will create more terrorists throughout the Islamic world.
* Qaddafi will no longer cooperate in counter-terrorist activities like information-sharing.
* Qaddafi may very well retaliate against America's unprovoked attack by reverting to terrorism himself. He's done it before, and now he has nothing to lose.

Most important, as Mr. Pillar notes,

* Qaddafi had come to terms with the West on issues like terrorism and unconventional weapons
* Yet Obama attempted "regime change" in Libya at the first opportunity
* Which teaches Iran, Syria, and other countries in the region that "regime change" in their countries is America's goal
* Which gives them NO incentive to negotiate with the West on terrorism or nukes

This war is a strategic blunder that has made America less safe. Do your best to undo the damage.

* Withhold funding for operations in Libya.
* Pass a resolution telling the President to withdraw, pointing out that he has no Constitutional authority for his action.
* You might even consider impeachment.


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