April 25, 2006
Will Congress Regulate Downsize DC?
By Perry Willis


We're about to reach another milestone. 300,000 Downsize DC messages sent to Congress! So some on Capital Hill think we need to be strangled in red tape. The Senate has passed a so-called lobbying reform bill that would do just that.

* Should YOU be regulated when politicians do bad things? * Should have to file reports about YOU with the government? * Should face fines if we fail to file those reports properly? * Do you want your contributions diverted to filling out government forms? * Should Congress be allowed to erect barriers so it can hide from its constituents?

But there's good news!

Republicans in the House have stripped out the portion of the House version that would do us the most damage.

But there's bad news!

Others in the House want to restore this red tape to the bill when it comes to the floor on Thursday. And even if we succeed in the House, we'll need to fight in the upcoming Conference Committee to keep the Senate version from prevailing.


A vote in the House is scheulded for Thursday. There WILL be a move to amend the lobbying bill. This bill must not be amended to cause harm to, and limit our ability to help you communicate with your Representatives. There are a group of Congressmen ready to fight, but past experience tells us that we must let them know how important this fight is so that they don't capitulate.

Please send a message to Congress, RIGHT NOW, telling them not to regulate grassroots organizations. You can do so here.


We've raised $7,676 of the $14,000 we need to pay our April bills. Please contribute or start a monthly pledge to close the gap. You can choose not to have your name listed below if you prefer. You can make your contribution or monthly pledge here.

Thank you to the following people for their recent contributions:

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Click here to ask Congress to do no harm to

Click here to make a contribution or start a monthly pledge.

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer.

Jim Babka President, Inc.

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