Cap the debt

If Congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling then it can’t borrow more money. This will balance the budget immediately. You won’t have to wait for promised future cuts or leave ever-rising interest payments to your descendants. Instead…

Congress will have to make-do with the $3.3 trillion it already collects. That will still fund activity far beyond what the Constitution authorizes. In fact, $3.3 trillion exceeds what Congress spent as recently as 2008, which was hardly a time of small government! So…

Anyone who claims the Federal State will default if it doesn’t borrow more money is simply lying. $3.3 trillion is more than enough to honor every real obligation the politicians have imposed on you!

Tell Congress to balance the budget immediately by honoring the debt ceiling. We’ve made it easy to use our letter. Remember…

  • Your reps count the positions you take in your letters for the same reason they buy opinion polls. They really do want to know what you think.
  • It will take fewer people to influence Congress than replace Congress. Think about that!
  • When you vote you’re one among a hundred million. But when you write Congress your letter is one among a few hundred. That’s where your power lies — use it!

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