Censorship reaches the Supreme Court. Will you be heard?

February 13, 2024

The Supreme Fight for Free Speech and Free Press online. Will you be heard?

The battle against internet censorship has hit its climax, and it’s happening at the Supreme Court.

It started with a powerful lawsuit by Missouri and Louisiana against federal attempts to control online speech.

With your help, we stepped into this case when it was in the Fifth Circuit — and you helped us file an amicus brief!

Now, the case has been renamed. The new name of this historic showdown: Murthy, Surgeon General v. Missouri. And we want to file an amicus curiae brief in the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Censorship reaches the Supreme Court

Here’s how we explained the case last August…

The Biden administration threatened social media companies like Facebook and Twitter to censor stories like the Hunter laptop, the COVID lab leak, and others!

This suit was incredibly powerful because Elon Musk released documents, now known as the Twitter Files, demonstrating that the claims made by Missouri and Louisiana were true.

That action enabled a courageous district court judge, Terry Doughty, to order that [Anthony] Fauci be deposed.

He [Doughty] also issued a preliminary injunction against federal attempts to intimidate and control social media platforms. This ruling came with a whopping 155-page decision full of detailed examples showing how government officials sought to control public speech on the Internet.

Thanks to the Twitter Files, we saw proof of undue pressure on social media giants to silence unapproved narratives. After a roller-coaster ride through the courts, the final stand is at the Supreme Court.

But this isn’t just about one case or one ruling. It’s about defending our right to speak and write freely online. In fact, just last week, we learned that Amazon was put under pressure by government employees to ban books. BAN BOOKS!!!

Therefore, the outcome of this case will affect how information is shared and challenged on the internet for generations to come.

But will your voice be heard as Censorship reaches the Supreme Court?

Support the Brief

Your support has been our backbone. We’re asking you to stand with us again.

We could really use at least one person who will make a $1,000 contribution. But contributions regardless of size matter because they add up. Your expression makes a difference.

Please help us make a statement that resonates through the halls of the Supreme Court and beyond.

When you click the button, you’ll be taken to the Zero Aggression Project contribution form. The Zero Aggression Project is an initiative of our partners at the Downsize DC Foundation. Using this form enables you to claim this contribution as a tax-deduction, if you itemize.

Join us in this critical battle for the soul of the internet,

Jim Babka, President
Downsize DC Foundation
& DownsizeDC.org, Inc.

Today’s Action: Support the Murthy v. Missouri amicus brief


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