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Custom Fields Setup

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  • no must be yes to send Recipient Letters
  • no set to no before final implementation to hide this information
  • yes show Recipients who are House Members on view2
  • no show Recipient who is President on view2
  • yes show Recipients who are Senate Members on view2
  • undefined287 Obtain new Id string from CQRC if want to track responses otherwise use 427873
  • Set to engage-plugin-XXXXXX were XXXXXX is the engagementId
  • see right column every letter needs a message subject
  • see right column every letter needs a beginning the Advocate must use
  • see right column every letter needs a suggested body

Use the form at right to ask Congress to…

  • Reduce regulations in general
  • End or change a specific regulation

You can…

  • Use the sample letter we provide
  • Edit that letter to fit your needs
  • Write your own letter from scratch

Your position will…

  • Be counted by each Congressional office,
  • Educate the Congressional staffer who reads it

It may also…

  • Be passed up the chain of command,
  • Receive a reply (many DC Downsizers get them). If you receive such a letter, please share it with us at

While you’re here, please also consider sending a letter on one of our major legislative proposals…


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