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February 9, 2014

Day We Fight Back! Plus, Help Wanted

Day We Fight Back!

On Tuesday, February 11,, dozens of other organizations, and THOUSANDS of websites join together in the DAY WE FIGHT BACK against NSA abuse of the Fourth Amendment. We encourage you to join; there's a banner for your website and Facebook photos you can use. Find out more here:

Help Wanted

Downsize DC is seeking a system administrator with expertise in Linux environments to work on discrete project/tasks as needed (no full-time positions available, at this time).

Your responsibilities include…

  • Installing software, applying patches, managing file systems, monitoring performance and troubleshooting problems with commercial, open source, and locally developed software
  • System failure analysis and recovery; ensuring the consistency and integrity of file systems and backups
  • Hardware/software configuration and management

You should have…

  • Strong experience working in Linux environments
  • Demonstrated initiative, customer orientation, and teamwork competencies
  • Ability to communicate technical issues with non-technical people

Experience with source code management tools and code promotion processes is a plus.  Experience with managing WordPress, Java, and Scala systems is not required, but that too would be a plus.

Also, it is extremely important that you let us know the range of compensation you expect, so priority will be given to those candidates who supply that information (keep in mind that these are non-profit organizations).

For immediate consideration, do NOT hit reply to this email. Instead, send a message to

Jim Babka
Downsize DC Foundation
&, Inc.

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