Bring the Troops Home

You can use this campaign to ask Congress to... 1) Bring home the hundreds of thousands of troops stationed throughout the world or simply from a specific country. 2) Call for an end to one or more of the U.S. wars or "military actions."

Just add your personal comments to our generic "Please bring the troops home" message to Congress. Tell your Representative and your two Senators exactly what you want.

You can find more information on this topic on our Background Page.

Use the form at right to send your elected representatives a letter about this issue. It's easy!

  • Your position will be counted by each Congressional office,
  • Will educate the Congressional staffer who reads it,
  • May be passed up the chain of command,
  • May receive a reply (many DC Downsizers get them). If you receive such a letter, please share it with us at

Send a letter to Congress

We provide the first few words of the letter so that Congressional offices will see the most important point right at the start, and so that no one can hijack our system for another purpose. Here's the part we provide . . .

Bring the troops home.
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