Cap The Debt!

If Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling then it will have to stop borrowing money. It will have to balance the budget immediately.

We won't have to wait for promised cuts in the distant future, or leave ever-rising federal interest payments to our children and grandchildren.

Instead, the Federal State will have to make do with the more than $2 trillion in taxes it currently receives. That $2 trillion+ still amounts to a monstrous level of federal meddling in American society. It will still fund activity far beyond what the Constitution authorizes. In fact, $2.2 trillion is what Congress spent as recently as 2004, and that was hardly a time of small government. So . . .

Any politician or bureaucrat who claims the Federal State will default on anything if the debt ceiling isn't raised is simply lying. $2 trillion+ is more than enough to prevent default on every real obligation the politicians have imposed on you!

The debt ceiling should be a real ceiling. Tell Congress to balance the budget immediately. Tell Congress to cap the debt! And then ask others to do the same. It will only take you a few moments.

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Do NOT raise the debt ceiling ever again.
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