Repeal draft registration

Please ask your elected representatives in Congress to co-sponsor H.R.4523 and S. 3041 - "To repeal the Military Selective Service Act."

Mike Coffman (R - Colorado) [Photo of Mike Coffman]introduced this legislation in the House. He's joined by members of both parties as co-sponsors.

Rand Paul (R - Kentucky) introduced the Senate bill.

This repeal would save more than $26 million that is wasted each year on draft registration. It would also eliminate local civilian draft boards, civilian appeal boards, and similar local agencies of the Selective Service System. [Photo of Rand Paul]

Our so-called government has very few successes it can point to, but the voluntary military is certainly one of them. It flat out works, both in peace and war. There is no need for draft registration because there is no need for a draft.

The supposed land of the free and home of the brave should never use slaves to defend itself.

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I want my House Rep to co-sponsor HR 4523 and my Senators to co-sponsor S. 3041. These bills would repeal draft registration.
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