End Drug Prohibition

Through this campaign, you can tell Congress to end Drug Prohibition, also known as the War on Drugs. You can . . .

Compare . . .

Drug Prohibition with the failed Alcohol Prohibition era of the 1920's.

Expose . . .

  • conservative hypocrisy on federalism and limited government when Republicans override state medical marijuana laws
  • liberal hypocrisy on civil liberties and "choice" when Democrats ruthlessly prosecute the War on Drugs
  • advocate the release of non-violent drug "offenders" from prison

Protest . . .

  • racial/ethnic inequities in prosecution of the War on Drugs
  • the nonsensical violence in Mexico, Afghanistan, and other places fueled by the illegal drug trade

Question . . .

  • the federal jurisdiction Congress has on personal behavior, health, and morals in light of its limited, enumerated powers and the Tenth Amendment
  • the simple economics of prohibition
  • why some drugs are legal, some are legal when prescribed by a State-approved physician, and why others are legally inaccessible
  • why all of our rights must be violated to protect a few from their own inclinations

Demonstrate . . .

  • the rather minor public health effects of using illegal drugs
  • that the Constitution forbids the federal government from infringing on drug use or possession
  • the benefits of a legalized drug trade, where businessmen obeying laws would control the market instead of violent gangsters
  • how the War on Drugs has imperiled key rights, including speech and property
  • how legalization would cut off funding for gangsters and terrorists

Educate Congress . . .

  • on the difference between "bad" or "immoral" vs. making it illegal
  • or raise another point not listed here!

Just add your personal comments to our generic 'End drug prohibition' message to tell your Representative and your two Senators exactly what you want.

You can find more information on this topic on our Background Page.

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End Drug Prohibition.
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