End Aid to Dependent Dictators

Imagine that China someday becomes the world's only superpower, and that a declining America receives foreign aid from them. Wouldn't many Americans believe that China was trying to control us, and hate China for its meddling?

And wouldn't the hatred be even greater if our country was governed by a DICTATOR, whom Chinese politicians were supporting?

If you can imagine this then you can also sympathize with how an Egyptian feels toward America. U.S. politicians have given Egypt's Dictator-President, Hosni Mubarak, $60 billion over the past 30 years.

And that's not the only corrupt regime we've supported. See for yourself the countries that receive foreign aid.

Politicians claim that foreign aid builds good relations with other countries. In reality, the people of the world end up thinking that the U.S. wants to dominate them, and keep them in bondage to their corrupt rulers.

This means that the true cost of foreign aid isn't just the $15 billion we spend on it each year. The real cost includes the hatred and the enemies that this spending buys for us.

The Constitution was designed to protect us from this. It confers no authority for giving tax money to foreign rulers. This means that foreign aid VIOLATES the Ninth and Tenth Amendments. Only you can reverse this violation by exercising your right to petition for a redress of grievances, and by withdrawing your consent to be mis-governed in this way.

Would you, in good conscience, VOLUNTARILY donate some of your money to Hosni Mubarak?

Doesn't it OFFEND you that your taxes have kept him in power for 30 years?

If you don't want your taxes to aid dependent dictators, and buy hatred and enemies around the globe, please tell Congress to end foreign aid.

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End all foreign aid, especially to dictators.
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