End Subsidies

Subsidies are theft. Taxing everyone to profit a few is wrong, both morally and Constitutionally.

Many politicians claim that the so-called "general welfare clause" permits subsidies. This is false. The phrase "to promote the general welfare" clearly limits Congress to actions that benefit all citizens, otherwise it would be called the "special interest clause."

Politicians also claim that the "necessary and proper clause" permits subsidies. This too is wrong. The wording of that provision clearly limits Congress to only those powers the Constitution names. Special interest subsidies are not among them. (See our Background page for the exact wording of the "necessary and proper" clause.)

Finally, the Constitution requires that all citizens receive equal protection under the law, but subsidies violate this requirement, by harming some citizens to benefit others.

No policy can enhance social welfare by negating the rule of law to harm the many for the sake of the few. Tell Congress to end all subsidies now. You might even want to ask them to start with the subsidies their supporters receive.

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End all subsidies.
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