Fight Deficit Spending

The Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2016 (FRA), is well named. If passed into law, it would trigger a cut in Congressional pay for each year in which the federal government runs a deficit.

Rep. Rod Blum (R-IA), working with Downsize DC, has introduced the FRA, HR 4476.

[Photo of Rod Blum]

This bill would provide strong incentives for Congress to Downsize DC. It also has the virtue of being only one page long. The full text is provided on the Background page.

The argument here is simple. In every other sector of life, one is paid for performance. Congress does a terrible job, and gets to vote itself a raise. In fact, their salary increases are automatic. That's quite a gig! And the reason they get away with it is that we, the people, haven't made them change to a system that ties their compensation to the quality of their work.

In past years, others have proposed limits or even freezes on Congressional pay, tied to performance. This bill is the strongest. Only this bill proposes to cut pay for budgetary bungling.

The next step is to get lots of co-sponsors for this bill. Rep. Blum needs your help. Your Representative should co-sponsor. Your Senators should introduce the bill in the Senate.

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