Repeal federal gun regulations

Federal gun regulations are unconstitutional, immoral, and counterproductive (as shown by yet another study). The unconstitutional part is easy to prove...

First, the Supreme Court says the Second Amendment protects individual gun ownership (the Heller decision).

Second, the Tenth Amendment denies Congress any power to regulate gun ownership (the Tenth Amendment limits the federal government to only those powers actually listed in the Constitution).

Third, the Ninth Amendment protects our right to make our own choices, provided we don’t aggress against others.

Which brings us to morality. It’s morally wrong to threaten innocent people. But that’s precisely what gun regulations do. They control INNOCENT people -- people who have aggressed against no one.

Finally, gun regulations are counterproductive because they disarm innocent people while having little impact on criminals. This is common sense. But it’s been confirmed by the University of Chicago's Crime Lab.

The Crime Lab did something obvious. They investigated where criminals get their guns. They found few examples of criminals obtaining guns through REGULATED means.

In other words, federal gun regulations affect law abiding citizens, NOT criminals. The claimed justification for such regulations is thereby obliterated.

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Repeal federal gun regulations.
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