Oppose People Prohibition

We need a world where all people can move from country to country without legal restrictions. This is a crucial step toward creating a moral society.

Immigration restrictions require the initiation of force. This violates the Zero Aggression Principle and the Golden Rule. This is deeply immoral. We need to treat others as we want to be treated.

Immigration restrictions are people prohibition. People prohibition causes the same problems as all other forms of prohibition, such as alcohol prohibition, drug prohibition, and gun prohibition.

People prohibition is a Trojan Horse that will destroy American freedom. It will lead to militarized borders and beaches, national ID systems, work controls, internal spying, travel restrictions, and every other form of tyranny imaginable.

Those who want to restrict human movement because they oppose an expanded welfare state should work to limit the welfare state, NOT human freedom.

If you want others to stop treading on you, then you must first stop treading on others. Oppose immigration controls. Oppose people prohibition.

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Create a world where all people can travel from country to country without legal restrictions. OPPOSE immigration controls.
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