Impeach the IRS Commissioner

Representative John Fleming of Louisiana has forced the Judiciary Committee to consider impeaching IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. This impeachment is justified because...

The IRS was abused by Lois Lerner to attack political opponents of the Obama administration. President Obama appointed Koskinen to clean up the mess, but nothing has happened.

A Government Accountability Office report shows that no procedures have been established to prevent IRS targeting of political groups. And a federal court ruled in August 2016 that the IRS cannot demonstrate that the targeting has stopped. Even worse...

An IRS employee has deleted 24,000 emails related to the investigation of IRS abuse, in the face of two Congressional subpoenas and three preservation orders. In addition...

Koskinen has done nothing to reign-in California Attorney General Kamala Harris. Ms. Harris is illegally requiring non-profit organizations to provide her with with their 990 schedule B tax returns. These tax returns contain sensitive donor information that the IRS is supposed to protect from public exposure. Ms. Harris is violating federal law. Commissioner Koskinen has done nothing about this.

It is always difficult to compel federal officials to behave correctly. Impeachment is one of the few tools available to foster accountability. This tool should be used against IRS Commissioner Koskinen.

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