Impeach the President

It seems to us that nearly all politicians break the law nearly all the time. Politicians especially love to violate the Constitution. All of these violations are impeachable offenses. Sadly, it can be difficult to convince one set of lawbreakers (Congress, for instance), to take action against another political criminal (the President, for instance).

This problem of "loyalty among thieves" is compounded when one set of politicians is actually complicit in the crimes of another set, as when the President signs an unconstitutional law, or Congress endorses some criminal act by the President. Even worse, partisan loyalties, and the hypocrisy that always seems to attach to such loyalties, can bias and tarnish the motives for impeachment.

In other words . . .

The impeachment process can be problematic. Even so, problematic is NOT the same as completely useless. Perhaps it's best use is by citizens. Calling for impeachment is another way citizens can withdraw consent. You can use this campaign for that purpose if you feel provoked to do so.

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Please begin impeachment proceedings against the President.
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