Reduce healthcare costs by ending punitive malpractice damages

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Punitive damages increase the malpractice premiums doctors pay. We've lost thousands of doctors because of these high costs.(1)

Fewer doctors means higher prices for both medical care and health insurance -- longer wait times too.

A judgement of malpractice is punishment enough. The doctor has to pay for the harm done to the patient. The judgment goes on a doctor’s record. It could end his or her career or reduce the number of patients he or she has. There’s no reason to pile on punitive damages.

Punitive damages do nothing to reduce malpractice. Quite the contrary -- they encourage doctors to order unnecessary tests. Limiting judgments to actual damages will...

* Decrease the cost of malpractice insurance
* Increase the supply of doctors
* Reduce the number of unnecessary procedures

Those three changes mean Americans will enjoy reduced…

* Healthcare costs
* Insurance premiums

Most people understand this, but reform has been impossible because trial lawyers have too much influence in Washington. I want you to represent me, NOT the legal cartel. (2)


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Reduce healthcare costs by ending punitive malpractice damages
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