Don't let bureaucrats control the Internet

The Internet under a free market benefited billions of people.

But that doesn't stop Statists from trying to solve non-existent problems. For instance...


President Obama gave the FCC a 332-page plan for regulating the Internet in the name of "Net Neutrality." Net Neutrality is the idea that Internet consumers should all be treated the same, with no "discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication."

Those who favor net neutrality express two concerns...

  1. That internet service providers will block some websites or apps.

  2. That “fast lanes" at various price levels will give some customers a better Internet experience than others.   


Both sound "fair" for consumers. But...


Not all consumers are the same! Why shouldn't some who are willing to pay more for new innovations or faster service be free to do so — just as they do everywhere else in the market? And...


If they're prevented from paying more, what incentive do tech companies have to innovate?


Net Neutrality is a flawed idea, but its implementation will be even scarier. The proposed regulations will...

  • Raise taxes on broadband, making it more expensive.

  • Empower the FCC, NOT customers, to determine which rates are "fair."

  • Leaves the door open for new regulations, currently unknown.

  • Give cronies an opportunity to hurt their competitors and their customers by lobbying for preferential regulatory treatment.



In addition...

  • Compliance costs will drive smaller broadband providers out of the market

  • The plan will discourage broadband investment, leading to lower speeds


Even worse...


This is being done WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT. The FCC is justifying this power grab based on the 1934 Telecommunications Act that regulated the phone monopoly. But that legislation...

  • Was passed in 1934!

  • Dealt with telephones, NOT the Internet

  • Was designed to regulate a monopoly that Congress itself had created through its patent laws -- and please notice, THE INTERNET IS NOT A MONOPOLY!


Think of what that means...

  • Unelected bureaucrats are going to regulate the most important innovation of the modern world without any legislative guidance, permission, review, or vote by Congress!

  • This is a usurpation and abuse of power on a monumental scale!


Will you be silent about this? We hope not. Please speak up! Tell Congress to...

  • Pass legislation specifically denying the FCC power over the Internet

  • Deny FCC funding to impose these regulations      






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Please pass legislation forbidding the FCC from regulating the Internet. Please oppose so-called "Net Neutrality" by all means possible.
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