No Bailouts!

Government bailouts reward failure and punish prudence. They encourage irresponsibility. Individuals and groups that engage in risky investments, or that fail to meet the needs of consumers, should go bankrupt, and their remaining assets should be distributed to their creditors where they can be put to more productive use. Money should not be taxed from citizens or borrowed away from the productive economy to reward and prop-up failed businesses or salvage those who've made risky or speculative decisions. If you agree, please send Congress a message telling them so.

You can send a message opposing bailouts in general, or you can use your personal comments to oppose a specific bailout.

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We provide the first few words of the letter so that Congressional offices will see the most important point right at the start, and so that no one can hijack our system for another purpose. Here's the part we provide . . .

No government money, whether borrowed or taxed, should ever be used to bail out private financial interests, or wasteful state governments.
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