No Bailouts!

Background Information

A good summary of various federal policies that led to the housing bubble and the resulting financial crisis

An analysis of specific HUD policies that contributed to the housing bubble and the resulting financial crisis

How the longstanding "bailout" policy of the Federal Reserve contributed to the creation of a housing bubble

Why mortgage backed securities became so popular (Some Useful Notes on the Crisis by Arnold Kling)

Why the Big Bailout Passed, Part 1

Why the Big Bailout Passed, Part 2

Downsize DC's Position: Who will pay for the Big Bailout?

A Summary of Views About the Big Bailout

Bailouts, the Constitution, and the Downsize DC Agenda

How public pressure stopped the Big Bailout in its first vote in the House

Public opposition to the Big Bailout runs as high as 300 to 1

This would be simpler than a bailout

Would we have a Depression without the Big Bailout?

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We provide the first few words of the letter so that Congressional offices will see the most important point right at the start, and so that no one can hijack our system for another purpose. Here's the part we provide . . .

No government money, whether borrowed or taxed, should ever be used to bail out private financial interests, or wasteful state governments.
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