Lower hospital bills by outlawing monopolistic “certificates of need”

"Certificates of need" are trade barriers created by federal bureaucrats and/or state and local politicians. They prevent new businesses from forming to compete with old businesses. This reduces jobs and raises prices. In the healthcare sector...

Certificates of need limit the number of hospitals in a given area. No wonder hospitalization costs so much. It’s a state-created cartel!

The law of supply and demand does a wonderful job bringing the right amount of food to your grocery stores. It can do the same for hospitals and other forms of medical care. Intervention by central planners is NEITHER necessary nor desirable. If you want to lower healthcare costs, you must increase the supply of healthcare providers. Banning "certificates of need" will help accomplish that.

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You have the power to lower the cost of hospitalization instantly. You can do this by passing legislation to outlaw “certificates of need.”
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