Repeal Obamacare quickly

Senator Rand Paul is promoting a bill to repeal and replace Obamacare with a free market alternative, immediately. We support Senator Paul’s plan. But we also want to push on another front, in case there isn’t enough early support for the Senator’s approach. We think there is something to be gained by repealing Obamacare quickly. Specifically...

There’s more support for a free market alternative in the House than in the Senate. Quick repeal would compel the Senate to cooperate with enacting a replacement. Absent this move, the Senate may stonewall in an attempt to preserve all or part of the status quo. This must not be allowed.

Full repeal should happen in spite of the fact that Mr. Trump wants to retain some politically popular (but harmful) aspects of Obamacare. Such matters should be dealt with in negotiation. "Mr. Art of the Deal" should understand, better than anyone, that the best way to foster negotiation is by quickly repealing all of Obamacare.

Plus, the more pressure Congress feels for repeal, the more likely they are to support Rand Paul’s proposal, and/or our other market-leaning proposals.

Remember, politicians poisoned our healthcare system. They can only fix it by sucking out the politics.

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Repeal Obamacare without delay. I want a free market replacement. Terminating Obamacare quickly will increase the pressure to pass a free market alternative. Make that happen.
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