Outlaw Stings

Agents of The State should be prohibited from initiating criminal conspiracies for the purpose of entrapping people. In other words, "sting" operations should be outlawed.

It's one thing for agents to go undercover in order to disrupt a crime, or to collect evidence of criminal conspiracies that already exist. It's quite another thing for agents to actually initiate a criminal conspiracy themselves.

If it is wrong for citizens to initiate criminal conspiracies, then it is doubly wrong for "public servants" to do so. Agents of The State are supposed to "serve and protect," not "entrap and sting."

Most importantly, "sting" operations sometimes go awry. They can result in horrible crimes that would never have happened had agents of The State NOT initiated them. Innocents can be harmed. Law enforcement officials can be killed. Even worse . . .

Police agencies use the crimes they create in these sting operations to justify the supposed need for more power, expanded budgets, and fewer protections for civil liberties.

The "Fast and Furious" scandal is a perfect example. Supposed gun control agents became gun runners instead, helping to arm warring criminal gangs in Mexico, with a resulting loss of innocent lives. The escalating violence that this sting operation helped inflate was then used by BATF agents, the DEA, and even the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to justify proposals for increased gun control and more vigorous enforcement of drug prohibition.

The so-called war on terror is another good example of how stings are used for propagandistic purposes that serve the interests of The State, at the expense of the people. There have been 20 supposed terrorist conspiracies that have been stopped. But of those 20, only 3 were initiated by actual terrorists. The other 17 were actually concocted by agents of The State, who often had to badger or bribe their unwitting dupes into committing the criminal acts for which they were then arrested. But it gets worse . . .

The three terrorist conspiracies that were real, were all discovered and stopped by citizens, NOT by the feds. And the 17 terrorist conspiracies that were initiated by federal agencies are pointed to by those very same agencies as evidence of how they're protecting us. and of how they need more power and money. But the truth is that . . .

We seem to NOT need their help.

We mere citizens have a 100% success rate since 9-11, when it comes to discovering and stopping real terrorist conspiracies. Meanwhile, The State seems to mainly excel at creating fake conspiracies designed to justify the parasitic fraud known as "Homeland Security."

It's time to end this scam. Please tell Congress to outlaw stings.

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Outlaw sting operations.
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