Surveillance State Repeal Act

Rush Holt is no longer in Congress. But his "Surveillance State Repeal Act" has been re-introduced by Representatives Mark Pocan (D) of Wisconsin and Thomas Massie (R) of Kentucky. This bill...

  • Prohibits the government from requiring that surveillance "back-doors" be built into your electronic devices and software
  • Mandates that the FISA courts utilize technologically competent "Special Masters" -- experts who can challenge the veracity of government claims about the need for surveillance
  • Repeals the PATRIOT Act
  • Repeals much of the FISA Amendments Act

PATRIOT was the rationale for the telephone-metadata harvesting provision. FISA Amendments was the basis for harvesting your emails. This bill would kill these Snowden-revealed programs!

But these repeals don’t gut intelligence gathering. They just make it look more Constitutional. The bill still…

  • Ensures that any FISA surveillance of a US Person can only happen with a valid warrant based on probable cause. This was the original FISA standard from 1978 to 2001
  • Retains the ability to surveil a specific natural person, based on a warrant, regardless of the type of communications being used
  • Retains provisions dealing with the acquisition of intelligence about weapons of mass destruction from entities not composed primarily of U.S. Persons

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