Make ALL healthcare expenses tax deductible

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You politicians keep telling us that healthcare is so important that it requires your massive involvement. But there's one thing that would make a big positive improvement, and you consistently fail to do it. So here’s how I want to be "represented"...

  • Make all health expenditures tax deductible, with no threshold to itemize. In other words, make it so we can deduct our healthcare expenses in addition to our standard exemptions and/or other deductions.
  • Include insurance premiums and preventive measures, such as supplements and fitness clubs in the list of deductible expenses. Everyone agrees on the preventative power of exercise, and the Life Extension Foundation has marshalled overwhelming evidence that many supplements outperform pharmaceuticals both in preventing and treating disease. Increased prevention will lower medical costs over time.
  • Americans should also be allowed to save unlimited amounts in their Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). This will help us better prepare for our future needs and give us an incentive to economize on current healthcare spending.

These changes will do two things. First, Americans will obtain the means to cover their own healthcare costs, and a more secure future through unlimited HSAs. Second, this new tax-deductibility will put individually purchased insurance on the same tax-footing as employer paid insurance. This tax reform is powerful because it will...

  • Create incentives where people prefer individual policies, which will...
  • Decouple health insurance coverage from employment, so that...
  • People will no longer lose their coverage when they lose their jobs.

Increasing the number of individual policies will also curtail the pre-existing conditions problem (PEC) that happens when people get sick during periods of unemployment. The PEC problem was state-caused. Politicians paved the way with tax policies that made employer-provided plans tax deductible without doing the same for individually owned policies. The result was that coverage was tied to a specific job, and those without employer-provided insurance often had no coverage at all. This was a massive and obvious error that has caused many of our current healthcare problems. You must fix this mistake.

In short, no American should be taxed on the dollars they spend on healthcare. I want to see you introduce legislation to make all of the above happen.

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No American should be taxed on the dollars they spend for healthcare.
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