Protect Wikileaks

Background Information

Glenn Greenwald provides just some of the startling revelations Wikileaks provided in 2010.

More revelations are summarized by Julian Assange himself.

Shooting the Messenger: How American leaders are trying to "get even" with Julian Assange . . .

  • Prominent public figures stupidly want to try and execute Assange for "treason," even though he's not an American citizen.
  • Politicians have pressured prominent corporations to stop associating with Wikileaks, and have called upon the government to label Wikileaks a "terrorist" organization.
  • The Vice President has labeled Assange a "high-tech terrorist," just because Wikileaks makes it harder for one State to lie to another State.
  • The Justice Department is on a fishing expedition, determined to charge Assange with . . .something, probably espionage.
  • The Justice Department even got a judge to subpoena Twitter accounts with ties to Wikileaks, including the account of a Member of Parliament from a NATO country.

These "shoot the messenger" statements and actions set a dangerous precedent. If we prosecute people for espionage when they are NOT working for a foreign State, then other nations can do the same thing to our citizens. has set up a valuable site with useful information about the legal and Constitutional issues surrounding Wikileaks.

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Please do NOT attack Wikileaks. Please protect Wikileaks.
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