Ask your elected representatives to pass's “Write the Laws Act” (WTLA)

“Write the Laws Act”

You ask your friend to watch your sports car. But he invites his friends to "test drive" it. Are you okay with that?

Congress does something similar . . .

We give them the power to write our laws, and they loan this power to un-elected bureaucrats who issue tens of thousands of dictates each year. But, none of these decrees are . . .

  • Written by Congress
  • Read by Congress
  • Debated by Congress
  • Voted on by Congress

Are you okay with that?

Congress claims it needs experts to write the rules. We agree that they lack expertise. They can seek whatever advice they need. But Congress still has an obligation to . . .

  • Write all the rules
  • Read all the rules
  • Debate all the rules
  • And vote into law all of the rules that you are required to obey

Congress shirks these responsibilities because the politicians wouldn't be nearly as powerful if they actually had to do their jobs. They couldn't spend as much money, reward as many friends, punish as many enemies, and control as much of your life. They'd be too busy doing their Constitutional jobs.

That's why has written the "Write the Laws Act," as a companion bill to our "Read the Bills Act," and our "One Subject at a Time Act." WTLA requires that . . .

  • Any rules that citizens must obey must be written and passed solely by Congress, with no details left to bureaucrats.
  • Citizens must be held blameless against any rules created in violation of this requirement.
  • Congress must identify previous legislation granting legislative power to bureaucrats so that it can be repealed.

You can read the full text of WTLA here.

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