Furlough non-violent offenders held in COVID-19 incubation cages

April 29, 2020

Empty COVID-19 incubation cages. Furlough non-violent offenders.

The United States has about 5% of the world’s population, yet roughly 25% of the international prison population – about 2.3 million people. That’s an epidemic.

175,000 of those are serving time in Federal prisons – which is kind of amazing, given that the Constitution says most of the crimes you could name should be handled by the various states. Many of these men and women are serving time for…

– non-violent offenses
– first offenses
– victimless crimes

And they are today’s focus.

The crowded spaces, in which they reside, contribute to the pandemic that’s on everyone’s minds.

If you think America should be a more free, compassionate society, or…

If you simply believe that guards and other prison employees shouldn’t be bringing COVID-19 home to their families and communities, then

You would want these non-violent and victimless crime prisoners out of these crowded conditions.

Physical distancing isn’t working with this many people in prison! It’s jeopardizing those inside the prison. It’s also endangering the rest of us outside it.

Non-violent prisoners can be furloughed.

Many inmates have homes they can go to. They have families who visit them regularly. Not every prison has had an outbreak, yet. It’s crazy to wait for one. And frankly…

So we’re issuing a UNIQUE, one-time action item here.

Please call the DOJ (Dept of Justice) comment line 877-611-1293 and leave a message (you won’t have to speak to anyone!). Ask them to send home inmates convicted of non-violent offenses, especially those in the first time offender and victimless crime (such as drug possession) categories. Here’s a script to use…

My name is xxxx, and I live in {state}. I’m calling because COVID-19 is dangerous to inmates, prison employees, their families, and the communities in which they live. Physical distancing is not possible in these overcrowded institutions. Non-violent offenders, especially those imprisoned for first offenses and victimless crimes, such as drug possession, should be released on a public health basis, if they have homes to go to and a support system. It’s crazy to wait for an outbreak. Be proactive.

  1. Again, call the DOJ comment line 877-611-1293.
  2. Ask others to do so.
  3. Please press Reply and let us know if you did Steps 1 and 2.

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Jim Babka, President
Agenda Setters by Downsize DC

Today’s Action: Call DOJ comment line; Insist that non-violent inmates be furloughed


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